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Bee Removal & Wasp Nest Removal

During the summer months, bees and wasps can become an unwanted nuisance. If you’re in the Portsmouth or Chichester area and you’re looking for quick and efficient bee or wasp removal near you, look no further.

Our Services

Bee Control & Removal

Aacute Pest Control are experts in quickly and safely removing any bee swarm problems you have across Portsmouth and Chichester. We will always try our best to remove bees without harming them and will assess every case on an individual basis.

Wasp Nest Removal & Control

Wasps are the among the most frustrating pests to have around in the summer, well known for spoiling BBQs, stinging children, and generally causing problems whenever a nest is nearby. Aacute can be at your house on the same day you call to assess and resolve the problem.

Bee hive removal

Bee & Beehive Removal

Bee colonies are made up of three types of bees, the queen, female workers, and the drones. When they locate near people and buildings they can become a threat both medically and structurally. Honey bees are not protected legally in the UK.

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Taking Care of Pesky Wasps

Unlike bees which secrete a waxy substance, wasps build their nests. They can be harmful to adults and children with their powerful sting. The wasp problem usually starts to escalate in the Spring when the Queen has finished hibernating an they can usually be found in hard to reach areas such as lofts, wall cavities and underground. Their nests will last until Autumn.

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Aacute Pest Control

We are committed to safe and responsible removal of all pests, including bees and wasps.

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